PPM Express Digest: What’s New in July 2022?

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It has been a month since we last updated. Our month was particularly successful. Here’s a glimpse of our newest PPM Express features:

New functionality was added to the Monday.com connection

  • A PPM Express program can be now linked to Monday.com
  • Projects can be now imported from Monday.com to PPM Express. 
  • Resources can be now imported from Monday.com to PPM Express. 

An ability to quickly view resource assignments for a certain period of time from the Resource Plan project section was added

It is now possible to select a certain period of time and review the resource assignments from the Resource Plan project section for the selected dates. For this purpose, select the required time frame, navigate to the resource in question and click on the View Assignments button. 

The resource page will be opened and the workload for the selected period will be available in the Assignments section. 

An ‘Email’ option was added to the sign-up and log-in page

A new ‘Email’ option allows users to sign up for the PPM Express application and create a PPM Express tenant using any email provider account (besides Office 365 and Google). 

Users can sign up for PPM Express by providing their email, verifying it, and creating a password. 

After this, users get to the regular PPM Express registration page, where they can provide the details and select the PPM Express plan. 

When the tenant is created, the PPM Express administrator can invite other users by email. Users can join this PPM Express tenant by the invitation link using any email account (not necessarily the one where they received the invitation).  

The Roadmap dashboard was redesigned for easier navigation, and layouts and views were added to this page

Before: There were two pages on the Roadmap dashboard: Roadmap and Details. The KPI section was available on the Details page. There were no views and layouts on the Roadmap dashboard. 

Now: The Roadmap page now consists of one page. Layouts and views are added to the Roadmap dashboard. There are three default views that you can switch between to see the required information: Roadmap, Details, and Roadmap with KPI. 

These views are editable, you can add fields to these views as required. However, you cannot delete these three default views. 

Also, you can create new custom views and layouts as needed. It is also possible to share the Roadmaps with other users from a certain view. 

To create and manage views and layouts, users should have Manage Configuration permission. 

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PPM Express Digest: What’s New in July 2022?
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