PPM Express Digest: What’s New in January 2022?

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This is a good way to start the New Year with new features added to the PPM Express product.

Check out a few new things:

Table view was added to the Roadmap dashboard

Prioritization of roadmap items is now available within the table view on the Roadmap dashboard

Dependencies were added to the roadmaps and can be now displayed on the Roadmap Timeline

Progress and Status value is now transferred from the source element when the item is imported into the roadmap


Only Start date and Finish date values were imported with items to the roadmap.


Progress and Status values are also imported to the roadmap with the items.

The ‘Show Status’ option was added to the ‘Style’ menu that allows to color roadmap items with the color of the Status instead of the lane color.

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PPM Express Digest: What’s New in January 2022?
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