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Today is an exciting day for PPM Express Team.

We are launching PPM Express Work & Task Management, and from now on PPM Express becomes a full-cycle project portfolio management platform where you can manage your work on all levels, whether it’s a task, a project, or a portfolio, integrated with external systems as JIRA / Azure DevOps / Planner or not.

Our work & task management module provides a perfect blend of features for lightweight project management and modern work management. With these new features in place, PPM Express will power your teams to manage projects easily and effectively. Get ready for the full control and improved collaboration across the entire PMO with a single workspace for all the portfolios, projects, and tasks.

Plan and Organize Work

PPM Express Tasks allows you to create detailed project plans and stay focused on all the critical milestones and deadlines. Different views show you how major components of your project align so that your work can be structured and organized, while teams – focused and projects – always stay on track.

To get to the Project tasks page, open the project where you want to add or edit tasks and click on the Task management icon in the right upper part of the Project Details page.

You can manage your existing tasks or create new ones. The tasks can be organized into groups to help break things up into phases, types of work, departments, progress, etc. Learn more about creating and managing tasks and groups here.

Traditional or Agile: All supported!

PPM Express Tasks is a work management system that supports the needs of any modern team and project. You can manage small traditional projects, create and estimate tasks, track their progress, and evaluate completed work.

At the same time, if you work the Agile way, you can create the backlogs of tasks, define sprints, prioritize, and track progress easily with the visual interface.

New Way of Progress Tracking

In addition to creating tasks with dates, effort estimates, and priorities, arranging your tasks into groups, assigning them to team members, you get better project control by tracking progress with visual timelines. As tasks progress, you can see how the tasks in your project fit together, control deadlines, and apply corrective actions as needed.

If you go to the Tasks section of your project, you will see a summary based on the progress of all tasks in this project, including task statuses and days remaining. You can filter your tasks by these attributes and see, for example, only late tasks by clicking on the needed number in the task summary.

Flexible & Configurable

PPM Express Tasks is a highly configurable and flexible app where you can configure your projects and tasks according to your needs. You can define custom fields for projects, tasks, and resources so that you can record and view all the essential information that is critical for your organization.

By default, the task has the following set of the fields out-of-the-box:

  • Task name
  • Description
  • Group
  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Progress %
  • Assigned to (you can choose from all PPM Express resources)
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Effort
  • Story points

If you need to create a custom field, you can go to the Configure View menu and click New Field to control the visibility of fields.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

PPM Express provides access to the advanced Power BI reporting pack which will give you valuable insights about the progress of your projects. Make data-driven decisions and rely on analytics and business intelligence to increase the project success rate across the PMO and to grow your business faster.

Start Today!

Get your team started with PPM Express Tasks now – it is as simple as sending an invite email. We offer a lightweight, visual interface that makes it easy to plan your work, manage deadlines, and track progress on all your projects.

If you track your tasks in Microsoft Excel, you can effortlessly import them from your spreadsheet into PPM Express. If some of your projects are managed in external systems, you can connect them to PPM Express, keep a registry of all work within your organization, and see the ‘big picture’ of all your projects.

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