Interested in Submitting a Guest Post for PPM Express?

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Welcome to the PPM Express Blog’s “Write for Us” page! We appreciate your interest in contributing your guest post to our blog and sharing your expertise with our audience of the project, program, portfolio managers, and PMOs.

Why write for us?

Writing a guest post for the PPM Express blog offers several benefits:

  1. Share your expertise with thousands of readers.
  2. Promote your company and increase visibility.
  3. Earn a high-quality, relevant, and trusted backlink.
  4. Get your article promoted on our social media and newsletter.

Guidelines and submission process

Before submitting your guest post, please take a moment to review the following guidelines:

  1. Our principles: We review all pitches based on factors such as topic fit, SEO viability, and relevance to our audience. While we value all submissions, we cannot guarantee publication due to the volume of requests we receive.
  2. Quality standards: Submissions must meet our quality standards to be considered for publication. Our editors reserve the right to decline contributions that do not meet our editorial guidelines.
  3. Exclusive publication: If your post is published on the PPM Express blog, it will remain exclusive to our platform. We do not accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere.
  4. Content decisions: Our blog team has the discretion to edit and adapt guest blog content for optimization, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We may also include calls-to-action and utilize your author photo across our content.

What we look for

Successful guest contributions align with our blog’s writing style and focus on educating our readers. 

Here’s what we look for:

  • Originality: We only publish content that has not been previously published elsewhere.
  • Writing style: Our blog aims to be casual yet helpful. Avoid jargon and strive for a conversational tone.
  • Data and attribution: Properly attribute data, quotations, and outside content referenced in your article. (Note: All data should have originated within the last three years.)
  • Relevant links: Include up to 3 external links (including links to your company’s website) and 5 relevant links to PPM Express blog posts. (Please avoid linking PPM Express competitors)
  • Accepted post types: We accept experiment/analysis posts and canonical posts that offer tactical takeaways supported by examples, quotes, graphics, and data.
  • Banned topics: Content on competitors, Forex, crypto, CBD, pharma, iGaming, and essay writing is prohibited. However, content within our niche is allowed unless it involves backlinks to direct competitors.

General guidelines

Here are some general guidelines to follow while drafting the guest post for us:

  • Submit a pitch before writing the content; we do not accept pre-written posts.
  • Write a minimum of 1,500 words in an editable Google Doc if your pitch is approved.
  • Include two strong title suggestions that incorporate the keyword
  • Avoid promotional mentions of products, services, or demos.
  • Ensure your content is unique and not plagiarized.
  • Cite and link plenty of original research, reputable statistics, and/or subject matter experts. (These will not count towards the three-link limit)
  • Include relevant images or videos directly in the draft (and please avoid stock photos)
  • Include a strong meta description with up to 130 characters
  • Provide a brief (less than 300 characters) bio with your headshot with a link to your LinkedIn profile. (We will add a bio feature to our blog with our next update as soon as possible.)
  • We understand the value of AI tools. However, we only accept unique and human-friendly content. Please make sure your content is original.

P.S. If any of these minimum requirements are not met, we will immediately send the article back. 

P.P.S.: Just because a draft hits the minimum requirements does not guarantee we will publish it. We use an internal procedure to ensure that the content is high quality and useful for readers. 

We reserve the right to reject the article at any point in the process. This will happen if you consistently ignore instructions or if the quality of the post is below expectations. 

Formatting tips

To ensure readability and organization, follow these formatting tips when providing the guest post:

  • Use headers (H2, H3, H4) to structure your content.
  • Keep paragraphs short, with a maximum of three sentences.
  • Utilize bullet points and numbered lists when appropriate.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion in your post.
  • Provide proper image citations and run a spell check before submission.

Topics we cover

Our blog focuses on helping businesses with project and portfolio management, providing best practices.  We cover topics such as:

  • Project portfolio management: Explore different aspects of PPM, including best practices, methodologies, tools, and case studies.
  • Project management: Discuss effective project management techniques, tips for successful project delivery, project planning, execution, and monitoring.
  • Agile methodology: Dive into the principles and practices of Agile project management, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and other Agile frameworks.
  • Resource management: Provide insights on optimizing resource allocation, capacity planning, team collaboration, and improving resource utilization.
  • Portfolio strategy: Cover topics related to portfolio strategy development, prioritization, alignment with organizational goals, and portfolio optimization.
  • Digital transformation: Explore the impact of digital transformation on project management, organizational change management, and adapting to digital disruptions.
  • Leadership and communication: Share leadership techniques, effective communication strategies, stakeholder management, and building high-performing teams.
  • Risk management: Discuss risk identification, assessment, mitigation strategies, and how to integrate risk management into project and portfolio processes.
  • Performance measurement: Explore metrics, KPIs, and performance tracking methodologies to evaluate project and portfolio success.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Provide insights on fostering collaboration, improving teamwork, and leveraging tools and technologies for effective collaboration.
  • Innovation and change management: Cover topics related to fostering innovation, managing change within projects and portfolios, and driving continuous improvement.

Where to submit your idea

Ready to share your blog post idea? To submit your article, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill the form with 1–3 suggested article topics and the estimated time you need to prepare the article. 
  2. We encourage you to share samples of your previous work to help us become familiar with your writing style.
  3. Once we approve one of your topics, proceed to write the draft and send it to us for review. Please note that our marketing team reserves the right to edit or adapt your post as needed. If you prefer, we can send you an updated copy for your review before publishing it on our blog.
  4. We aim to publish your post within two or three weeks after approval. Additionally, we might share a link to the published post across our social media channels, ensuring that more people have the opportunity to read and share your article.

That’s it! 

We look forward to receiving your submission and working together to showcase your expertise on our blog.

Interested in Submitting a Guest Post for PPM Express?
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