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Sep 10 – Webinar: Effective Project Resource Planning for Office 365

Hosting: Anton Kravtsov, CEO of PPM Express

Date: Sep, 10, 9AM PST

Join our webinar to learn how our new product – PPM Express solves the problem of organization-wide resource planning and portfolio management for companies using Office 365 and Microsoft Planner. We will show you how to enrich the Planner with resource planning and portfolio management capabilities by integrating your project data into our platform.

We will demonstrate:

  • how to create resource plans in PPM Express
  • how to control resource utilization
  • how to implement cross-system resource planning if you use several PM tools
  • how to use Power BI for reporting for more effective resource management

Register for our webinar and learn how to implement highly effective PPM and resource planning in your company if you use Microsoft Planner without major changes in your teams’ project management routine!



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