Project & Portfolio Status Reporting Software

PPM Express provides a comprehensive toolset with a range of visual reports and dashboards and ability to see projects from external systems, including Jira, Planner, Project Online and Azure DevOps. It allows to unify project and portfolio status reporting in your entire organization and benefit from analytics and BI.

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Visual Status Reporting for Modern PPM  

Unified Status Management

Provide all managers, executives and other stakeholders with an easy-to-use and consistent system for project and portfolio instant status reporting across all projects, systems and teams.

No More Bureaucracy

Make your project portfolio management process more effective by reducing administrative burden and amount of paperwork. Let your teams do their work while you have full control over the progress.

Easy to Start, Easy to Scale

PPM Express is a visual PPM status reporting solution that needs no customization and is ready to use instantly. It can be easily scaled across departments, business units or the entire company.

See the Forest for the Trees

PPM Express provides visualized understanding of how your projects and programs progress on larger scale, regardless of the system of record, where projects are managed.


Timely status updates and other actionable insights, ability to see the entire landscape of co-dependent projects drives smart decision-making for executives and managers.

Advanced Capabilities for Enterprise PPM Status Reporting

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Summarize Project Data

View automated project and portfolio status reports based on fresh data from all the external systems you use. No need to ask for updates: you can see the latest updates as they occur.

“Big Picture” of Any Scale

With PPM Express you have full portfolio visibility and access status reports both, for projects within a single portfolio and all portfolios that you have in your organization.

Be on the Same Page

Let your teams do they work without extra administrative burden and paperwork. PPM Express helps automate these processes, so that you can receive timely updates and save your project managers a lot of time.

Integrate & Track

Receive up to date status reports without hassle, no matter how and where your projects are managed. PPM Express integrates project information from popular project management systems so that you can see everything in one place.

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