Project Portfolio Management for O365 Planner 

Managing projects in Microsoft Planner and lacking portfolio visibility? Track all your plans and boards in one place with PPM Express – a top-notch cloud project portfolio management solution with Microsoft Planner integration. Don’t replace your tools, enrich them with portfolio management capabilities!

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Unified Project Portfolio Management & Visibility for Planner

Define portfolios of projects based on your work in Microsoft Planner, manage statuses & budgets for your portfolios. See the big picture and conduct effective management on all levels while using software of your choice.

O365 Planner Integration

Gain visibility and 360 degree view across your plans with high-level Planner projects data, statuses and delivery reports all gathered in PPM Express. Data-driven project management is now possible with minimum effort.

Take your project management process to the next level!

Powerful Reporting

Make effective decisions faster with detailed Power BI reports about your plans and boards progress, manage statuses and priorities, track your project financials, perform resource utilization analysis – all in one place.

Absolute control and visibility of your Planner data!

Flexible Configuration

Configure PPM Express reports and dashboards as you see fit: add custom fields, choose which sections you want on your report, and in what order – the system provides maximum flexibility for your unique needs.

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Import Projects From Microsoft Planner


Connect all your plans from Microsoft Planner to PPM Express, enjoy the high-level project portfolio visibility and make smart and timely decisions based on valuable PPM insights.

Manage Complex Projects Effectively


In complex projects with multiple teams involved, often not just one plan is associated with the project, or even not just one project management application is used. With PPM Express you can see progress for multiple plans from Planner in one dashboard, and connect other projects managed in Azure DevOps or Project Online if you have any.

Yet you will see all the projects together and benefit from all enterprise project and portfolio management techniques and capabilities.

Plan Project Releases the Smart Way


Integrate all your projects and plans to PPM Express, visualize project portfolio roadmap, plan portfolio and project releases, track portfolio milestones, and statuses in detailed reports.

Intelligent Status Reporting for Planner Users


See all statuses in one place, track releases and deadlines for all your projects and stay focused on the work that matters most and helps grow business while having everything under control.

Manage Project Financials


Since Microsoft Planner doesn’t have functionality for project financials, use PPM Express to create and manage budgets, forecasts, actual costs for your Planner projects and portfolios with an advanced project cost management module that helps control project budget effectively.

Power BI Reporting for Data-Driven Management


If you are a Power BI user, you can benefit from the PPM Express Power BI Pack which comes with each PPM Express license. Access deeper insights about your projects, and make smarter decisions.

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