Manage Projects and Portfolios in Microsoft Teams

PPM Express makes project portfolio management even more convenient. Manage tasks and assignments, monitor your projects’ progress, and see the ‘big picture’ of all work throughout the organization without leaving Microsoft Teams!

Intelligent Project Portfolio Management & Proactive Monitoring – Now in Teams!

We provide an integrated, automated, and intelligent solution for all work, project, and portfolio management needs. With the PPM Express app for Microsoft Teams, all functionality is now just one click away and accessible as a tab in your Teams channel, with the ability to navigate around projects and portfolios, create and assign tasks, see the status of projects and tasks, and monitor progress.

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Project Portfolio Management & Visibility


Connect your projects running in Azure DevOps, Jira, Office 365 Planner, or Microsoft Project Online and enjoy project portfolio visibility and make smarter decisions with real-time insights about all initiatives across your organization.

Modern Project & Work Management


PPM Express is a comfortable ecosystem for work, project, and enterprise portfolio management, powered by cross-system integration, analytics, and machine learning to boost productivity in your organization.

ML-Powered Portfolio Monitoring


Enable automated forecasting of project statuses and detecting anomalies and problems, and always have an action plan to address issues before they do any harm, minimize risk and avoid “green-green-green-red” scenarios.

Enable Executive Team With Analytics & Data



Use over 50 Power BI reports to analyze resources, portfolios, and projects. Enable the executive team and project stakeholders with all the data they need to make effective decisions and avoid bottlenecks.

Manage Agile, Waterfall & Hybrid Projects Together



In complex projects, often more than one methodology is used – Agile, Modern and Waterfall. With PPM Express, companies manage hybrid projects and benefit from using all enterprise project and portfolio management techniques and capabilities.

Define Project Management Framework



With multiple tools in place, organizations lack a unified approach to portfolio reporting and control. Define project management framework in PPM Express, critical for effective project execution, control, and monitoring.

Control Upcoming Project PipelineĀ 



Collect, share, screen, evaluate and select the best ideas, boost employee engagement with an modern and collaborative idea management software that provides a structured approach to idea submission, selection and strategic prioritization.

Control Project Financials



Create and manage budgets, forecasts, actual costs for projects and portfolios with advanced project financial management module that helps control project budget effectively.

Track Time on Investments



Track and analyze time spent on delivering projects with PPM Express TimeĀ – an automated time tracking system that will create work time reports based on work that’s been done in software you use.

Full Functionality

After you installed the PPM Express Teams app, you have access to the full PPM Express functionality directly from Teams, as if you were using the app through your browser.

Handy Notifications

Keep up with the changes made within their PPM Express Projects, Portfolios and Challenges by receiving daily and weekly notifications about important updates, warnings, and more.

Connect Your Projects

You can connect different projects and portfolios in PPM Express to the corresponding Microsoft Teams channels so that your teams can access status and progress information.

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