What’s your Project Management landscape?

Excel / PowerPoint

Create an online project and connect it with your Excel projects for visibility, status management, and progress tracking. Take your project management process to the next level with PPM Express.


Microsoft Excel


Get full control and visibility of your raw project data!

Microsoft Project Desktop

Create online projects in PPM Express and connect them to your Microsoft Project (MPP) files. You will gain full visibility for easy status management and progress tracking. Move to the cloud at ease!



Absolute control and visibility of your MS Project data!

Other tools?

Establish ultimate portfolio visibility by defining a common framework using PPM Express and linking your existing project data and schedules with a single URL.


No painful migrations, no schedule changes, no data loss. One location for all your projects.

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Digital Transformation for Project Management

Transform Your Business

Move to Cloud PPM and transform your business processes by implementing portfolio management practices, use business intelligence and analytics to make decisions faster.

Manage Statuses

View and manage statuses and progress of all your projects and portfolios in one place. No more requests for status updates, milestone/iteration updates or risk estimations from project managers.

Gain Visibility

Establish portfolio visibility across all existing and new projects. PPM Express supports your existing projects – In Microsoft Project, Excel or Power Point


Define project management process for all projects in your team or organization. Unified statuses, standardized project configuration and project details.

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Value That Transforms Business

Full Visibility

Get the complete portfolio visibility across your project and instant access to fresh portfolio data and actionable insights – all in one place.

Protect Investments

Do not replace your existing tools or PPM. Instead connect to them, aggregate information and finally see all information, at our location.rting.

Transparent Reporting

PPM Express provides you with flexible tools for effective status reporting and management accessible for all your team members.


PPM Express includes technical support and data backups, so you don't have to spend any time managing environments.

Ready to Use

PPM Express is a ready-to-use, cloud-based PPM solution that requires no or very little configuration so that you can start using the system in 15 minutes.

Advanced Customizations

PPM Express is a flexible, highly customizable tool that will make your project and portfolio management experience easy and effective.

Cost Management

The platform enables you with powerful cost management and budgeting tools so that you always know where your money goes.


PPM Express has editions for businesses of any size and level of maturity. Whether you are at the beginning of your PPM journey or you have established PPM framework, PPM Express is the right tool for you.

PPM Capabilities

We implement PPM for small, medium and large organizations since 2009. PPM Express built using all our experience and the best practices for PPM implementations.



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