Project Manager’s Action Plan

PPM Insights dashboard provides a clear action plan for project and portfolio managers and reflects all the issues, inconsistencies, or schedule problems that take place on projects at the moment.

Start your day by looking through the PPM Insights dashboard while you drink your morning coffee. Take time for a proper workday planning based on the current state of your projects and actions which these insights suggest.

Improve Transparency & Have Your Projects Under Control

With PPM Insights status reporting goes to the next level, where you can see how all your projects and programs are progressing in one single dashboard. Find out which projects have late tasks and milestones, if there are any budget overruns, and where there is a resource overload.

Utilize proactive daily project monitoring and always have a clear action plan for every project helping you take preventive actions exactly when they are needed.


Advanced Status Management Simplified

PPM Insights is a reliable source of project status information that will show you the overall current state of your projects, as well as their statuses by schedule, cost, resources, and more – all in a single dashboard.

Proactive Risk Management

PPM Insights dashboard is a place where you can see notifications about all issues, inconsistencies, and “bottlenecks” on your projects and take preventive actions before they produce any negative impact on project delivery.

All Workspace at a Glance

Even if you need to oversee a lot of projects in your portfolio, with PPM Insights you can start your day by checking, which of them need immediate attention or action to be taken.

Optimize Your Time

When you have a clear action plan and an informative summary as to the state of projects on your portfolio, you can put your attention and effort exactly where it’s needed most.

Reduce Project Risks

When you have clear and up to date information about your projects every day, it helps improve project KPIs, reduce missed deadlines, and increase the overall success rate.

Flexible Configuration

PPM Insights is a highly configurable and flexible dashboard that can be easily modified to suit your organization’s project management processes, KPIs and performance indicators, and other important parameters that define project success.

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