Portfolio Management

Azure DevOps Boards 

You love Azure DevOps as it is a great fit for managing the entire development cycle of software products and solution.
Same time, there is no project portfolio management, “big picture view”, resource planning, forecasting, budgeting and reporting. It is time to change this.


You need PPM Express for Azure DevOps.

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Portfolio Management – Azure DevOps Boards

Define projects and portfolios of projects based on projects, epics, iterations in Azure DevOps, improve SAFe compliance, and take high-level status reporting to a new level. See the “big picture”, control dlivery and alignment, and maintain enterprise project management practices while your teams keep their process Agile using Agile-specific tools of their choice.

Getting Started

Projects & Epics Portfolio Management


Integrated and Synchronize your projects, epics or features in Azure DevOps with projects in PPM Express and enjoy high-level project portfolio visibility. Make decisions based on real-time analytics from your agile portfolio dashboards.

Portfolio Management Azure DevOps Boards 


Attempting to manage work for multiple teams in Azure DevOps Boards, with an increasing number of projects, epics and features can seem nearly impossible without the right organization and monitoring tactics. It gets even more challenging when tools outside Azure DevOps are used.

PPM Express allows organizations to visualize their portfolio of projects and epics. Manage your projects, epics and teams the smart way with PPM Express epic portfolio management capabilities.

Enterprise Resource Planning / Forecasting for Azure DevOps


Your operation needs an intelligent dashboard view of your entire portfolio and resource pool in order to efficiently plan, track, and manage your team’s next steps. PPM Express provides detailed reports and dashboards to help you manage resource plans for your projects, and monitor utilization across projects and teams.

PPM Express - Resource utilization Chart, Project Portfolio Resource Planning

Intelligent Epic Portfolio Management and Project Status Reporting

See all statuses for your projects and portfolios in one place, control releases, milestones, and deadlines for all your projects and their parts and stay focused on the work that matters most for growing business while having everything under control.

Smart Portfolio Release Planning for Azure DevOps


Integrate all your projects or major epics in PPM Express, visualize project portfolio roadmap, see how your projects or their parts align together, plan portfolio and project releases effectively, and track milestones and statuses in detailed reports and dashboards.

Enterprise Project and Portfolio Reporting with Power BI


Enhance your decision making with insightful data from over 70 state-of-the-art Microsoft Power BI reports. Portfolio Reports, Project Status Reports, Risk Registers, Issues, Financial Reports, Resource Plans, Resource Utilization – all accessible in one click.

PPM Express – Portfolio Management for Azure DevOps Boards

Azure DevOps Portfolio

Ensure project portfolio visibility and 360 degree view across your work in Azure DevOps, make right decisions with high-level reporting, manage statuses and delivery with minimum effort. Data-driven and SAFe compliant Agile project management is now possible.


Take your project management process to the next level!

Powerful Reporting

Make smart and timely decisions with insightful PPM Express reports, receive fresh updates directly from Azure DevOps about your project and portfolio progress, manage their statuses, prioritize, track your project financials, analyze resource utilization – all in one place.


Absolute control and visibility of your Azure DevOps data!

Other tools?

Different teams are using different tools apart from Azure DevOps? PPM Express connects to multiple project and work management systems, including Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Project Online, Office 365 Planner etc.


View all your projects from multiple systems at a glance!


Agile Portfolio Management for Azure DevOps

Project portfolio management tools
Transform Your Business

Transform your project management by adding portfolio management capabilities to Azure DevOps (VSTS/TFS). See the big picture of your projects and make decisions faster with business intelligence and analytics.

Project portfolio management tools
Manage Delivery

Try agile portfolio management with PPM Express: check and manage statuses and progress of all your Azure DevOps projects in one place. No more constant requests for status updates or risk estimation from project managers.

Project portfolio management software
Gain Visibility

Establish portfolio visibility across all Azure DevOps projects and create portfolios, no matter how many projects you have. Connect and sync your projects from  Azure DevOps data to PPM Express and see the big picture at ease.

Project portfolio management tools

Take Azure DevOps (VSTS/TFS) agile project management to the next level by introducing portfolio management practices and high-level reporting. Benefit from unified status reports and business intelligence.

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Value That Transforms Business

Project portfolio management system
Full Visibility

Complete portfolio visibility across all VSTS projects and portfolios, instant access to fresh Azure DevOps (VSTS/TFS) portfolio data and valuable insights – all in one place.

Project portfolio management system
No Tool Replacing

Don’t replace your existing project management tools. Continue managing tasks and project delivery in Azure DevOps, just add portfolio management capabilities to this equation.

Project portfolio management system
Powerful Reporting

PPM Express provides you with flexible tools for effective Azure DevOps status reporting and analytics accessible for all members of your team.

Project portfolio management system

PPM Express is not limited to just the software. The license includes technical support and data backups, so you don't have to spend any time managing environments.

Project portfolio management system

PPM Express is a ready-to-use, cloud-based PPM solution for Azure DevOps that requires no or very little configuration. You can start using the system in 15 minutes.

Project portfolio management system
Flexible Customization

Our PPM platform is a flexible, highly customizable application that will make your Azure DevOps project and portfolio management experience easy and effective.

Project portfolio management system
Cost Management

The platform has powerful cost management and budgeting tools. No more guessing, with PPM Express you always know where your money goes.

Project portfolio management system

We have editions for businesses of any size and level of maturity, no matter you are new to project portfolio management or you have established PPM framework.

Project portfolio management software
Jira PPM Capabilities

We implement PPM for small, medium and large organizations since 2009. PPM Express built using all our experience and the best practices for PPM implementations.