Project Management

PMO Risk Management Best Practices

7 min read Project managers are always striving to learn new knowledge and master a lot of useful skills, be successful, and keep up with innovation. In project management, there are must-have disciplines and areas where managers need to ensure the successful operation of projects and releases without risks. Today companies of different sizes and industries choose to […]

Four Easy Steps to Build Effective Project Management Office from Scratch

7 min read When building a project-oriented management system in a company, it becomes important to create a Project Management Office (PMO). Project Management Office is a division responsible for the methodological and organizational support of project management in an organization, planning and monitoring a project portfolio, implementing and developing an information system for planning and monitoring projects, […]

10 Project Management Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

8 min read Project managers don’t just assign tasks, they also assign deadlines, which are a necessary evil. There are always one or two employees who don’t need them, but for the rest of us, deadlines are what get things done. Here are 10 life hacks on how to improve your team’s productivity and never miss the deadline. […]

What Is The Difference Between a Project and a Program?

7 min read You can arrive at your destination only when the course is correctly set, and all participants know where and why they are going. The project and the program are management categories, where special attention is paid to competent planning. How to understand the difference between them, and what do these differences affect? The project is a […]

Best Practices of Project Management in Microsoft Project Online

7 min read Start projects quickly and execute them easily with Microsoft Project Online, a comprehensive project management solution. Built-in custom templates have industry best practices so that you can get started right away. You do not need to create new project management plans. With familiar scheduling features such as Gantt charts and drop-down menus, project management software […]

Google Project Management Techniques: TOP 5 Takeaways

4 min read As we all know, Google is first at pretty much everything. In 2002 Google was the first to ask the questions, “Do companies need managers? Do startups require managers?” and got rid of management altogether. The idea was that engineers work better if there’s no one to breathe down their necks. At the time, it […]

PMBOK: Top 10 Takeaways for a Project Manager

8 min read What is PMBOK for a Project Manager? PMBOK is a guide to the project management body of knowledge. The main reason why project managers should diligently study PBMOK is that PBMOK accumulates a wealth of project management expertise in various industries, regardless of organization, and contains fundamental practices that will deliver positive business results: profit […]

How to Encourage Employees to Generate Ideas?

5 min read New ideas are essential for a company to continue to grow. Innovation is vital not only for business development, but also for employee empowerment. However, the responsibility for creating new ideas is not only for one person. Teamwork is what you need ideally to develop a fresh and creative approach to your business challenges. By […]

Introduction to Project Management Key Elements

8 min read The concept of PM includes a set of tools, techniques, and skills that are used to achieve the goal and can vary depending on the changing conditions in which the work is carried out. Project management is a combination of experience and competencies necessary to manage individual projects using limited resources. “Any technical problem can […]

The Tale of the Perfect IT Project Manager. Management Styles and Roles

4 min read Any organization’s growth opportunities fall into four different categories, and to develop your business in a commercially sustainable manner, you need specific types of project managers to pursue them. These types emerged from our ongoing work of understanding how different business development projects can drive strategic renewal in organizations. Project Manager Types by Knowledge In addition […]

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