Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management

4 min read Before we deep dive into Strategic Portfolio Management, let us take a step back and understand what is meant by Portfolio and Portfolio Management. As per PMI’s Standard of Portfolio management: A Portfolio is a component collection of programs, projects, or operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives. In turn, the portfolio components […]

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): How To Implement Lean Portfolio Management

7 min read Today’s corporate world is rapidly changing due to globalization and disruptive innovations in the field of technology. Businesses need to keep up with the changes in consumer needs and interests. They have to be agile and develop unique solutions faster and more efficiently. In that turn, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) approach gives you a […]

Visibility Across Teams With Azure DevOps

5 min read Project portfolio management success runs hand in hand with how well you can access the correct data. This article elaborates on how you can gain visibility across teams with Azure DevOps and addresses ways to fill in the gaps where Azure may be lacking. Your project may fail for various reasons, and not having enough access to […]

Portfolio Management for Microsoft Planner

5 min read In today’s dynamic workplace, individuals work with team members, different management levels, and stakeholders. Employees need to use task management systems to keep track of all the work activities. The recent digital transformations have made project and portfolio management much more efficient and convenient. So, what is portfolio management? It is the process of centralizing […]

Why Do You Need Adaptive Portfolio Management?

7 min read Adaptive program and portfolio management is a relatively new concept in the business environment. This article elaborates on this approach and seeks to answer why organizations should opt for such a model. Change is difficult and every organization admittedly acknowledges this concept. Once you’re comfortable with a certain approach, shifting to an entirely new strategy might […]

Traits of an Effective Program Manager

6 min read What makes a good program manager? This job is not just about managing several projects simultaneously. The program manager is a strategic position that requires leadership skills and a long-term vision that drives the program/initiative/department forward. An effective program manager must be able to cope with the contradictory nature of his work. Such contradictions include:  […]

10 Myths About Agile: Things for Portfolio Management to Learn

9 min read Our brain sees cause-effect relationships where there are none and does not notice problems where there are some. We try to explain the inexplicable and are interested in details and hierarchies. Therefore, when “everything is difficult,” you must look for flexible approaches – and here Agile comes to the rescue. With the idea that everything […]

Integrated Portfolio Management as a Way to Success

3 min read For Years PMI has been developing standards for Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Organizational Project Management Maturity Models, etc. In 2006 PMI launched two standards: Project Portfolio Management and Program Management. Each of those standards was created to be self-contained. The integrated approach expands these concepts and invents ways to combine them to provide a […]

How To Define Portfolio of Projects: Main Principles

3 min read A project portfolio is a set of projects or programs and other elements combined to manage these elements effectively to achieve strategic goals. A project portfolio is also a set of components (for example, projects, programs, and portfolios) that are grouped to achieve effective management to achieve strategic results. Projects and programs that are jointly managed in […]


3 min read A project’s progress and change invisibility is the hidden enemy of any organization. How are your critical business processes performing? If you don’t know the answer to this question, it could be affecting your bottom line. Each time a project starts to experience delays or teams encounter difficulties, you could be losing money. And each […]

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