Portfolio Management

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Today’s corporate world is rapidly changing due to globalization and disruptive innovations in the field of technology. Businesses need to keep up with the changes in consumer needs and interests.
Adaptive program and portfolio management is a relatively new concept in the business environment. This article elaborates on this approach and seeks to answer why organizations should opt for such a
Our brain sees cause-effect relationships where there are none and does not notice problems where there are some. We try to explain the inexplicable, are interested in details and hierarchies.
For Years PMI has been developing standards for Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Organizational Project Management Maturity Models, etc. In 2006 PMI launched two standards: Project Portfolio Management and
A project portfolio is a set of projects or programs and other elements combined to manage these elements effectively to achieve strategic goals. A project portfolio is also a set
A project’s progress and change invisibility is the hidden enemy of any organization. How are your critical business processes performing? If you don’t know the answer to this question, it
In mature project management organizations, project management exists in a wider context that is governed by program and portfolio management. The organization’s strategies and priorities are interrelated and have links
Using the concept of PPM Maturity Model can help business executives realize the full potential of portfolio management and software solutions to enhance visibility, flexibility, and efficiency within the company.
Portfolio management, while being a sophisticated instrument of business, addresses immediate pains and needs of the business. Usually resulting in applying scheduling, budgeting, and other various project initiatives. Most of
Introduction to Portfolio Management Evolution of business practices is connected to portfolio management practice development. While a common starting place for “birth” of project management may be the need to
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